Tale of 2 Brad Nailers

My 1st brad nailer only cost about $20, however it only lasted for about a year.

My 2nd & current brad nailer is a Sears Model #351.181720 (shown in the picture below), it cost around $90 & is currently around 7 years old. I should have bought the Sears brad nailer, to begin with, would have saved myself $20.
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My Sears Cordless Drill Review

My cordless drill is a Sears Craftsman Model #315.114852, with a 19.2V battery. It came with a hard plastic carrying case, battery charger, 2 batteries, and a right-angle cordless drill (which I seldom use, but it comes in handy when you do need such an animal).
I bought this drill about 18 months ago, and have been pleased with it and have no complaints so far.
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