Hi, my name is Al Ondic.

I picked up a circular saw back in the 1980’s time frame.  And have been working with wood ever since.  In the beginning I was renovating a duplex, but overtime my woodworking interests have shifted to building furniture.

I am an Electrical Engineer by day, who pursues woodworking most evenings & weekends.

The “AJO” in “Woodworking with AJO” are my initials, but just call or think of me as “AL”.  The “O” stands for “Ondic” which is Slovak.

“Woodworking with AJO” is located in the United States of America, and Northwest part of Florida.  My shop is located in my backyard, and is 16′ x 20′ plus a 4′ x 6′ addition.

Site Mission — To share my woodworking experiences, and take on an eclectic array of
woodworking & related topics.

I like working with my hands, solving problems, and reading.  Most days for lunch, you will find me eating & reading at my PC, trolling the internet.  Not a novel-reading kind of guy, but I do enjoy reading a good book on woodworking.  And enjoy a steady reading diet of various woodworking magazines.

Regarding tools, I enjoy working wood with both power & hand tools.  I would estimate my tool usage percentage-wise is 70% power tools & 30% hand tools.

Please feel welcome to stop by my website, and know that you are always welcome.

Take care, be safe, & see ya in the shop





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