Love That Grizzly G0715P Table Saw Rip Fence

I finally got a look at my buddy Terry’s new Grizzly G0715P table saw. Now, I only had time to look at it briefly during my lunch break at work. But I liked what I saw.

My favorite feature was how easily the rip fence slid across the tabletop. It turns out that the rip fence has plastic bearings that the rip fence travels on, which ride on the rail in front of the tabletop and also on the rail on the backside of the tabletop.

Another thing that I liked about the rip fence was that the rip fence faces were attached to the two sides of the rip fence with recessed Phillip screws (M6 – 1 x 16), which I feel will give you the option of replacing some of these screws with longer screws when mounting rip fence accessories, such as a taller rip fence wall.

Click on the following link, which will route you to Grizzly’s online page for this table saw. Here you will find photos of this saw, specs, a link for downloading the manual for this saw, and other good stuff. And no, I am not being compensated by Grizzly in any way for anything which has been said in this post, dang it.

10″ Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife, Polar Bear Series | Grizzly Industrial

So in closing, thanks Terry for showing me your new table saw. And Terry, you’ve got a nice looking saw there. And anyone out there who is in the market for a table saw, you might want to consider the Grizzly GO715P.

P.S. While I was looking at Terry’s table saw, Terry decided that the tabletop needed cleaning. To clean the tabletop, Terry used a chrome cleaner, which did a good job of cleaning the tabletop. (Note to self, buy a bottle of chrome cleaner.)

P.P.S. Regarding the plastic bearings associated with the rip fence, I thought I might want to modify my table saw and install plastic bearings. So I downloaded a PDF of the Owner’s Manual for Terry’s saw, but I couldn’t find a listing for the plastic bearings. I think I will call Grizzly and ask if plastic bearing replacements are available, surely they must be. But in any event, I doubt that I will modify my rip fence. (My table saw is a Sears Model No. 152.221240.)

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