Troubleshooting And Repairing A 1 x 30 Belt Sander

Before getting started, here are two photos of the belt sander.

1--DSC06067Photo 1

2--DSC06069Photo 2

Here is what happen and what I did:

Topics Covered
1. First, Finding The Problem
2. Second, Removed The Seized Bearing
3. Third, Install A New bearing
4. Power It Back Up
5. Final Thoughts
6. Request

First, Finding The Problem
1. I hit the ON switch, and nothing happened.

2. I cried and then buried my belt sander under my workbench. The plan, I will look at this later.

3. I looked for a manual online but no luck. So I started disassembling the belt sander with the hope of being able to find the problem.

4. Lucked out, I only had to remove the sanding belt cover and sanding belt to find the problem. For you see with the sanding belt removed, when I again hit the ON switch, I could see that the motor was ok—the motor shaft was spinning freely. Turns out, the problem was one of the three bearings that the sanding belt rides on had seized up.

Shown in Photo 3 are the three bearings referenced above.

3--DSC06073                           Photo 3

Second, Remove The Seized Bearing
1. First, remove the snap ring shown in Photo 4. (To remove the snap ring, you will want to use snap ring pliers. You can buy the pliers at Harbor Freight for around $4.)


Photo 4

2. To remove the seized bearing, I first removed the bearing and associated shaft from the belt sander. To remove the bearing and shaft assembly just loosen the Allen screw (with a 1/8” Allen wrench) holding the shaft in place and remove the bearing and shaft assembly from the belt sander. The Allen screw location is shown below in Photo 5.




Photo 5

3. Next, I removed the seized bearing from its associated shaft. Now the bearing doesn’t
just slip off of the shaft—it’s a tight fit between these two. I used a deep-well socket (slipped over the shaft, you want the deep-well socket to just fit over the shaft) and a mallet to remove the bearing.

Third, Install A New Bearing
With the bearing removed, the next order-of-business was to find a replacement bearing.
I looked for a replacement online, Home Depot, Lowes, and Aces. Now I found zillions of bearings online, but none (that I could find) matched up with what I needed. Home Depot and Lowes had no bearings, period. Aces, however, had a bearing that was close to what I needed.

So I went with the Aces bearing. The thickness of their bearing was a close match to my belt sander bearing. However, the Aces bearing bore diameter was slightly larger than the bore diameter of my seized-up bearing, but electrical tape wrapped around the existing shaft solved that problem.

You want a tight fit between the shaft and bearing such that the bearing has to be pressed on as shown in Photo 6. In Photo 6, I am using my end-vise to press the bearing onto the shaft. The deep-well socket, shown in Photo 6, was used to press the new bearing onto the shaft.

Photo 6

And Photo 7 shows where the new bearing (and associated shaft) will be reinstalled on the belt sander.


Photo 7

Power It Back Up
I put the sanding belt side cover back on, turned the belt sander on, and tweaked the sanding belt tracking adjustment. And it is working just fine, problem solved.

Here’s a final shot (Photo 8) of the belt sander, along with labeling of the sanding belt side cover. And the sanding belt tracking adjuster is shown labeled in Photo 9.


Photo 8

Photo 9

Final Thoughts
When you consider what I paid for the new bearing ($15) versus $50 for a new 1 x 30 belt sander, replacing the bearing made sense to me. Oh, and the $50 belt sander number, I found that online for a Harbor Freight belt sander.

For the record, I have no financial relationship with any of the companies mentioned in this post.

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Take Care

John 3:16


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