Plunge Router Issues

I have a DeWalt DW618 router (router motor unit). This router comes with both a fixed based (DW6184) and also a plunge base (DW6182). And the router motor is a separate unit, which you then attach to either the fixed base or the plunge base.


Up until now, I have been using the fix base option. But the other day, I wanted to use the plunge base. Now removing and reinstalling the fixed base worked well without any glitches, but installing the plunge base didn’t go well.

Two glitches kept the installation of the plunge base from going smoothly.

First Glitch
First, I couldn’t get the router motor to slip into the plunge base. But I found that if I inserted a screwdriver blade in the opening of the clamping lever mechanism (for locking and unlocking the split-cylinder) and turned the screwdriver that the split-cylinder diameter would increase enough to allow the motor to slip easily into the plunge base.

And I also had to use the above procedure to remove the motor from the plunge base.

Second Glitch
Second, after getting the motor slipped into the plunge base, I went to lock the motor and plunge base together by closing the clamping lever (latch). But it was obvious that way more force than should be necessary would be required to close the latch. This was another simple fix. Loosening the nut associated with the latch solved the problem.

A short YouTube video describing the above process can be found at the following link:


In Summary
So there you have it—a workaround for the first glitch and a simple solution for the second glitch.

And although a specific DeWalt router was referenced in this post, I can see where the solutions presented here could possibly apply to other similar type routers.

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