SandDevil Sanding Block Review

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1. Three Features I Like

2. Sanding Block in Action
3. Cleaning the Sanding Block
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Around the first part of June 2015, I purchased a sanding block made by Woodpeckers Inc. They call it the SandDevil sanding block, and I love the heck out of it.

Here’s a photo (Photo 1) of it.

Photo 1

1. Three Features I Like
Three things that I like about this sanding block:

1. Instead of having to cut up a sheet of sandpaper, this sanding block uses a standard off the shelf 3 x 21 sanding belt, which is inserted over the sanding block. Then with a lever on the side of the sanding block, the sanding belt is locked in place on the sanding block.

2. The abrasive on sanding belts holds up longer than the abrasive on sheets of sanding paper. (Woodpecker Inc. states that sanding belts last up to five times as long as sheets of sanding paper.)

3. Installing and uninstalling sanding belts on the sanding block is easy.

The SandDevil comes with an 80-grit sanding belt, which I removed and installed my preference–a 120-grit sanding belt. Obviously, if you like 80-grit, then you are all set. If you want something other than 80-grit, I found 3 x 21 sanding belts available in 36, 50, 80, and 120-grits at my local Home Depot. Going online, I found grits up thru 800 advertised.

2. Sanding Block in Action
The sanding block being approximately 9-7/8”-long x 3-1/16″-wide, makes for easy holding by the two ends for more aggressive sanding, as shown in the following photo (Photo 2). This is another nice feature.

Photo 2

It is great at removing burn marks, saw cut lines, etc. Photo 2 shows the sanding block being used to remove burn marks. With a 120-grit sanding belt, this sanding block makes quick work of removing the burn marks. I had some pretty extensive burn marks as shown in Photo 2. I moved the board to slow across my table saw blade, but no problem for the SandDevil to remove the burn marks.

3. Cleaning the Sanding Block
After using the sanding block, I typically clean the sanding belt with an abrasives belt cleaner (shown in Photo 3).

Photo 3

4. In Closing
Here is a short video, which goes over features and usage of the SandDevil sanding block.

▶ SandDevil Sanding Block Review – YouTube

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