Making A Simple Dovetail Marking Gauge

The Photo below pictures the dovetail-marking gauge that I made. This particular gauge was built for doing 12-degree dovetails.


The Sketch below gives the dimensional data for the dovetail-marking gauge shown in the Photo above, that I built.


Comments regarding the Sketch above:
1. The gauge was made from a 3/4″ thick board. A 1 x 4 pine board was used.
2. The dimensions shown are in general not critical. They are just the dimensions, I happen to use.
3. The trapezoidal piece dimensions are not critical either, from the standpoint that your dimensions will be determined by the dovetail angle you elect to use.
4. The dovetail angle shown in this Sketch is 12 degrees.

The procedure I used for making the trapezoidal piece, shown in the Sketch above is as follows:
1. Rip a 1-5/8″ wide board from a 1 x 4, 24″ in length.
2. Set miter saw to angle you want to use for your dovetails. In my case, I used 12 degrees.
3. For 1st angled cut, position angled cut to the right side of the zero degree setting on the miter saw.
4. For 2nd angled cut, position angled cut to the left side of the zero degree setting on the miter saw.
5. The Sketch below shows diagrammatically the cutting of the trapezoidal piece.
6. The crosshatched area in the Sketch below is wood being removed for the 1st angle cut of your dovetail marking gauge.
7. The shaded in trapezoid, shown in the Sketch below is also the trapezoid shown in the Sketch above.


In closing, it’s a simple, quick, and fast jig to make. And, although I used softwood (pine), a hardwood would hold up better.

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