Tear-out, Splintering, & Broken Teeth on Chop Saw Blade

If you make a cut with your chop saw and the cut on the board is splintery, like the cut in the following Photo; then you might have the same problem I had.
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Thickness Planer Binding Issue

Topics Covered
1. Question
2. History
3. Thickness Planer
4. Troubleshooting
5. Fix
6. Conclusion
7. Request

1. Question
Have you ever had your thickness planer bind up when you go to change the thickness setting? By that, I mean that you go to rotate the handle, and either the handle is hard to turn or just will not turn period. Well, so have I. And, what follows is how you can go about troubleshooting and fixing this problem.

This post will go over troubleshooting and fixing a DeWalt DW735 thickness planer. However, the troubleshooting and fixing information could be applied to pretty much any thickness planer that is similar in design.
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Substituting Friction Tape For A Broken Tire On Your Band Saw

Topics Covered
1. Friction Tape Fix
2. Wrap It Counterclockwise
3. Friction Tape Math
4. Friction Tape Installation
5. Wrapping It Up
6. Request
7. Related Links

1. Friction Tape Fix
If you have a band saw tire break on you, here is one temporary way to deal with the issue: use friction tape. This approach is not new. And, woodworkers have been known to use this approach to get their band saws up and running until a replacement tire can be obtained.

Here’s a shot of my band saw. Now it’s old, but the price was right (it was given to me, no charge). What the heck, it still works.
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