Review of Router Magic by Bill Hylton

The following is a review of Router Magic, which I recently purchased. The subtitle on the front cover reads “Jigs, Fixtures, and Tricks to Unleash Your Router’s Full Potential.” So, if you are looking to fabricate jigs and fixtures to increase what you can do with your router, this book is definitely worth considering.

For the record, this is an unsolicited review and no compensation took place; however, I have not objections to being compensated for reviews.

My 1996 copy of Router Magic is 314 pages (including the appendix & index), softcover (also available in hardcover), and measures 3/4” x 8-3/8” x 10-13/16”. I bought my copy used from Amazon for $5.20 ($1.21 for the book plus $3.99 for shipping and handling) back in May 2014. For the record, Amazon used book prices do fluctuate.

Topics Covered:
1. List of Topics Covered by Book
2. Some General Comments Regarding This Book
3. In Closing
4. Request
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