Measuring & Marking Videos

What follows are links to measuring & marking videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of measuring & marking video links…enjoy:

Checking Tape Measure Accuracy – YouTube
▶ Three Handy Shop Tips – YouTube

How to Cut Compound Angled Joinery – Fine Woodworking Video

Fibonacci Gauge – YouTube

Cabinet layout using Rod Layout or storypole Method – YouTube
Woodworking Basics — How to Use a Sector – YouTube
Make a Wooden Try Square using Titebond: Part 1 | WWGOA
Make a Wooden Try Square using Titebond: Part 2 | WWGOA
Easy to make Try Square – YouTube
▶ Carpenters Tri Square / Marking Gauge – Hardwood Tool Recycle – YouTube
Squaring a Combination Square, with Robert W. Lang – YouTube
Measuring&Layout Squares – YouTube
Combination Square Tricks | Woodsmith Tips
Easy-to-Build Setup Gauge | Woodsmith Tips
Build Your Own (Small) Marking Gauge – YouTube
Digital Plane-Check Gauge | The very best tools for woodworkers
Easy Made Marking Knife – YouTube
▶ Scribing / Scoring Knife / Blade – Japanese Kiridashi Style – Plane Iron – YouTube
Make a Marking Knife Episode #32 Billy’s Little Bench – YouTube
Mighty Compass Video Bob Lang Oct 2013 PWM – YouTube
▶ How to make a Large Compass – YouTube
SQ6 Maker Mark 1 – YouTube
SQ7 Maker Mark 2 – YouTube
Making a Center Punch – YouTube
Infinity Cutting Tools – Circle & Elipse Cutting Jig – YouTube
making a RIGID SQUARE – YouTube
Shop Tricks & Tips, Page 29 – Making A Wooden Contour Gauge
Make a wooden hygrometer – YouTube

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