Sharpening Videos

What follows are links to sharpening videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of sharpening video links…enjoy:

Tormek T7 Advantages and Disadvantages – YouTube
Grizzly Wet Grinder 10010 Review – YouTube
Grizzly 8″ grinder / sharpener – YouTube
Grizzly T10097 8″ Grinder / Sharpener wobble – YouTube
Bob Kramer | Kramer Knives – Sharpening

Sharpening plane blades – YouTube

Leather Strops – YouTube
Cheap and easy power strop for ridiculous sharp tools – YouTube
How to Sharpen a Card Scraper – Fine Woodworking Video

Sharpening Chisels on Diamond Stones – YouTube
#90 Sharpening Part 1 Woodturning Tools – YouTube
#91 My Shopmade Sharpening System – YouTube
#92 My Sharpener Upgrade Cooling the Motor – YouTube
▶ Easy Chisel Sharpening + Jig Experiment – 170 – YouTube
Simple Sharpening Helper | Woodsmith Tips
How to Sharpen Chisels – YouTube
Bring Your Chisels Back to Life- Easy Sharpening – YouTube
▶ Sharpen Your Own Drill Bits! – Save Money! It’s Easy! Video 1 – YouTube
A Drill Bit Sharpening Jig You Can Rely On – YouTube
Sharpen Your Own Hybrid Drill Bits – Fine Woodworking Video
James Barry Sharpening Solutions Forstner bit sharpening – YouTube
▶ James Barry how to sharpen carbide inserts & router cutters m4v – YouTube
sharpening woodworking hand tools – YouTube
RWW171 Free Hand Sharpening – YouTube
Hand Plane Basics – part 3 – Sharpening by Bill Rittner
Infinity Cutting Tools – Sharpening Techniques – YouTube
Sharpen Your Plane Irons Freehand – Fine Woodworking Video
Video: Sharpen a Router Plane Blade – Popular Woodworking Magazine
Shut up & Sharpen – YouTube
Paul Sellers – How to sharpen a handplane – YouTube
Paul Sellers – How to sharpen chisels with diamond stones – YouTube
Sharpening to 250-grit: Cutting edges that work – Paul Sellers – YouTube
Sharpen a Router Plane – YouTube
Bring Old Carpenter’s Chisel Back to Life with Belt Sander • Video 6 – YouTube
Bench Grinder Basics – Fine Woodworking Video
▶ Tormek Wet Grinder demonstration – YouTube
Highland Woodworker – YouTube (Chisel sharpening at 14:03 min. point in video)
How to Sharpen a Skew Chisel–with Sam Angelo – YouTube
▶ How to Sharpen a Skew Chisel – YouTube
Making a Water Stone Holder – YouTube
Chisel Sharpening Station – YouTube
Hold Your Sharpening Stone Steady on the Job Site – Fine Homebuilding
How To Sharpen Your New Axe – YouTube
Luthier Tips du Jour – Sharpening – YouTube
How to Sharpen a Curved Woodcarving Gouge by Mary May – YouTube
Bench Talk #3 Sharpening Carving Chisels – YouTube
Dave Jeske Sharpens a Marking Knife – YouTube
Using the Veritas MK II for Tool Sharpening – YouTube
Chuck Bender’s Sharpening Stick – YouTube
Table saw blade sharpening jig – YouTube
How to Sharpen a Woodworking Handsaw with Paul Sellers – YouTube
▶ How to Choose & Sharpen Augers & Auger Bits – YouTube
▶ Sharpening Forstner Bits – YouTube
▶ How to Hand Sharpen a Twist Drill – YouTube
▶ Laundry Room Bit Cleaner – YouTube
Making A Leather Strop – YouTube

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