Finishing Videos

What follows are links to finishing videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of finishing video links…enjoy:

How To Paint Pine Furniture — Knot Bleed, Primer, Repairs — YouTube
Wood Finishes – A Quick Guide – YouTube

▶ 2015-05-09 – Alan Noel on Wood Finishing – YouTube

▶ Finishing Technique for Greene and Greene Furniture – YouTube

▶ 107 – Oil-Based Finish Basics – YouTube

AWFS 2013 – General Finishes Java Gel Stain – YouTube

AWFS 2013 – Perfect Match Stain Marker – YouTube
73 – Coloring/Staining Blotchy Woods – YouTube
A Better Way to Apply Dye to Your Woodworking Projects – YouTube
▶ Wood Finishing – Dying Wood Versus Staining Wood – YouTube
▶ Finishing Seminar with Peter Gedrys – YouTube
High-end-looking furniture with inexpensive tips from Minwax – YouTube
Refinishing wood furniture using a wiping varnish by Jon Peters – YouTube
Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration – 19th Century Cupboard – YouTube
Glazing a picture frame part 1 – YouTube
Glazing a picture frame part 2 – YouTube
Crackle Finish on a 6-board Chest | Lost Art Press
▶ Charles Neil on Shellac Presented by Woodcraft – YouTube
Shellac Origins and Manufacture – YouTube
128-Shellac Under Polyurethane – YouTube
Brushing Shellac Video – YouTube
▶ Mixing Dye with Shellac to make a Toner – YouTube
▶ The Down to Earth Woodworker: Make Your Own Magnetic Stirrer – YouTube
The Minwax Channel – YouTube
Minwax Helmsman Application Techniques – YouTube
142 – You and Dye – YouTube
Finish and Waterproofing – YouTube
How To Repair A Crack in Wood Using Auto Bondo. – YouTube
▶ The Down to Earth Woodworker: Wood Knots & Other Defects – YouTube
Applying Poly (with no streaks) – YouTube
Easy Way to Finish Your Finish – YouTube
Applying Polyurethane with Jeff Jewitt – YouTube
▶ How to Mix & Use Traditional Milk Paint for Furniture – YouTube
▶ Painting Boxes, Table Saw Notes & Announcement – YouTube
▶ How to Make Chalk Paint 032 – YouTube

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