Handplane Videos

What follows are links to handplane videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of handplane video links…enjoy:
The truth about planes – YouTube
The Essential Handplanes – Fine Woodworking Video
▶ Low-angle Jack Plane: The Only Handplane You Need? – YouTube

Woodworking Hand Tools: Why Use a Hand Plane
How To Use and Tune Up a Hand Plane – YouTube
▶ Handplane Frogs – Do They Need to Be Flat? – YouTube
▶ RWW 165 From Boat Anchor to Fore Plane – YouTube
Hand Plane Restoration: Flattening, from the Chris Schwarz Blog – YouTube
▶ How to flatten the sole of a plane – by Paul Sellers – YouTube
Tuning Up an Old Handplane – YouTube
Handplane Tune-Up Tips – Fine Woodworking Video
How to Tune Up a Block Plane – Fine Woodworking Video
Handplane Tune-Up Tips – Fine Woodworking Video
▶ Ⓕ How To Restore A Hand Plane (ep49) – YouTube
▶ Set Up a Handplane – YouTube
Stanley #8 Plane Sole Lapping – YouTube
Jointers and Other Long Handplanes – Fine Woodworking Video
How to Flatten a Board – YouTube
▶ Plane Bevel Ups and Downs – with Paul Sellers – YouTube
▶ Highland 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Smoothing Plane Product Tour – YouTube
▶ Kunz Plus Hand Planes – YouTube
▶ Shop Made Card Scraper – YouTube
▶ Card Scraper Version 2 – YouTube
Woodworking Hand Tools Buying Advice – Spokeshaves
Poor Man’s Toothing Plane with Paul Sellers
▶ HTOTW #15 Hollows and Rounds – YouTube
▶ Make a Hand Plane AND Your Own Iron – YouTube
Building A Shoulder Plane – YouTube
▶ How To Make A Wooden Chamfer Plane – YouTube
▶ Making a Scrub Plane – YouTube
▶ Scrub Plane – a Historical Perspective – with Paul Sellers – YouTube
▶ Making a Scrub Plane – Convert your Stanley – with Paul Sellers – YouTube
▶ Easy to make chamfer plane – YouTube
▶ How to Square, Flatten, & Dimension Rough Boards with Hand Tools – YouTube
Caleb James Chairmaker Planemaker: What is a Mother Plane?
Making a Rounder Plane with Hand Tools Only – YouTube

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