Hand Tool Videos

What follows are links to hand tool videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of hand tool video links…enjoy:

Inside The Anarchist’s Tool Chest
Grinding a 17 degree chisel – YouTube
Large Chisel Handle – YouTube
▶ How to Sharpen a Woodworking Handsaw with Paul Sellers – YouTube
▶ “Restoring” vintage crosscut & hand saws – YouTube
▶ Sharpening an old hand saw for those who never have. – YouTube
Pull Saw Vs. Push Saw
▶ Japanese Whaleback Saw – Maebiki Nokogiri – YouTube
Most Useful Woodworking Tool – YouTube
Make A Homemade Card Scraper – Putty Knife – YouTube
Knew Concepts Woodworkers 5″ Fretsaw – YouTube
Inside The Anarchist’s Tool Chest DVD Trailer – YouTube
Garfield Farm Museum: Antique Tool Show and Sale 2010 – YouTube
Ed’s Antique Woodworking Tools – YouTube
How to Get the Most from Your Combination Square – Fine Woodworking Video
Squaring a Combination Square, with Robert W. Lang – YouTube
The Wooden Square – YouTube
My New Post Drill and Making a Center Scribe | The Renaissance Woodworker
North Brothers, “Yankee” 1545 Hand Drill – YouTube
T Handle Auger – YouTube
Learn about Braces with Ron Herman – YouTube
How to Use a Scratch Stock – YouTube
The Foundations of Woodworking, with Jeff Miller — DVD Preview – YouTube
Top Ten Traditional Tools – YouTube
Preview: Buying & Restoring Hand Tools – YouTube
ArnFest 2012 – Files and Rasps – YouTube
▶ HTOTW #9 Files and Rasps – YouTube
▶ MACHINE SHOP TIPS #104 Pt.1 Filosophy-Use & Care of Files tubalcain – YouTube
▶ MACHINE SHOP TIPS #105 Pt.2 Filosophy-Use & Care of Files tubalcain – YouTube
HTO – How to Use a Drawknife – YouTube
Draw Knife Refurbish – YouTube
Drawknife Restoration – YouTube
▶ Traditional Shave Horse (or shaving horse) – YouTube
Carver’s Mallet – YouTube
Make A Wooden Mallet With a Chunk Of Wood Redneck Wood Shop – YouTube
Ultimate Dead Blow Mallet – YouTube
▶ How to make a T Fitting Mallet – YouTube
Making an Anvil – YouTube
▶ Awl – Spike – YouTube
The ABCs of Hand Tools – YouTube
Making The Pallet Pal – YouTube
▶ 12 Tools Every Carpenter Needs – YouTube
▶ Making File Handles – YouTube
Consulting Woodworker – Woodcademy – Two Scratch Stock Videos

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