Lathe Videos

What follows are links to lathe videos that I have come across from various sources such as Google+, YouTube, and multiple other sources. As I come across videos that I like and reason that you might also like, I add them to the following list of lathe video links…enjoy:

How To Get Started in Woodturning
Choosing a Starter Set of Lathe Chisels

Sharpening my carbide turning tool and my Skew, My goto lathe tools – YouTube
▶ Choosing a Lathe – YouTube

▶ Finding Turning Wood – YouTube

▶ Understanding Turning Tools with Steve Shanesy – YouTube

▶ #11 Homemade Woodturning Tools and Fixtures – YouTube
DIY woodturning tool – YouTube
▶ DIY Carbide Turning Tools – YouTube
▶ 2013-10-10 Making Lathe Tools by Bob Black – YouTube
▶ 039 – Make your own carbide lathe chisel – YouTube
Make Your Own Parting Tool – YouTube
▶ DIY Wood Lathe Tools – YouTube
Turning Duplicate Spindles (part 3 of 3 of Stool Series) – YouTube
▶ Turning a Chisel Handle – with Paul Sellers – YouTube
Rolling Pin Maple with Cherry Handles – YouTube
▶ Woodturning with Tim Yoder, Ep. 10: Turning a String Top Toy – YouTube
Q&A Basic Lathe – YouTube
Woodturning Q&A How to hold your tools – YouTube
# 214 Tool Rest Height Standards? – YouTube
Premiere Full Episode: Woodturning with Tim Yoder – YouTube
What if Spindle Woodturning was done with a Skew – YouTube
Woodturning Skew Chisel Basics – YouTube
The Skew Made Easy – YouTube
The Skew Part 2 – YouTube
My Roughing Gouge–YouTube
# 216 the Care and Feeding of Carbides – YouTube
jammingchuck – YouTube
▶ Making and Using a Glue Block – YouTube
# 223 The Old Soft Touch – YouTube
Modifying my 1942 Lathe – YouTube
WoodTurning – Create a bottle – YouTube
Turn A Perfect Wood Sphere Or Ball – No Expensive Jig – YouTube
Pens made from HMS Victory wood. – YouTube

Segmented Bowl – YouTube
▶ Segmented Tool Handle (sawdust rd. woodshop) – YouTube
▶ Turn a Tenoned Foot, with Steve Shanesy – YouTube
▶ Belt Sander on the lathe – YouTube
Woodturning with Tim Yoder, S2 Ep.16 The Grinder – YouTube
Shop Made Expansion Jaws & Napkin Ring – YouTube

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