SketchUp Tutorial – How to Import & Rescale Photos

When I found out that you could import a photo into a SketchUp file and then rescale the photo and take measurements from the photo, I found that to be amazing.

I found myself saying, you know this means I can take a photo of a piece of furniture that interests me, take one or two measurements with a ruler, import the photo into SketchUp and then measure anything I want on that photo.

Now your photo is two-dimensional (not three-dimensional), so what I do is take several photos from various viewpoints. Typically, I will take furniture shots of the front, back, side, top, and bottom. Oh, and be sure to take your photos straight-on and not at an angle, in order to obtain accurate measurements from your photos.

The video tutorial at the link below covers how to import and rescale photos.

▶ SketchUp Tutorial How to Import & Rescale Photos – YouTube

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