Photos, Sketches, & Dimensions For A Heywood-Wakefield End Table

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Pictured below (photo 1) is a Heywood-Wakefield end table purchased by my wife, Cathy, at a local auction. I found it interesting that it has a hinged top for storing items inside the end table. Usually end tables will have a drawer built into the side of the end table for storing stuff.

If you have an interest in Heywood-Wakefield furniture, then check out the following 28 end table photos, three sketches (with partial dimensions), and links to nine scaled photos (using SketchUp).
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SketchUp Tutorial – How to Import & Rescale Photos

When I found out that you could import a photo into a SketchUp file and then rescale the photo and take measurements from the photo, I found that to be amazing.

I found myself saying, you know this means I can take a photo of a piece of furniture that interests me, take one or two measurements with a ruler, import the photo into SketchUp and then measure anything I want on that photo.
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