The Shelving I built for Storing Wood

Topics Covered
1. Problem
2. Solution
3. Abbreviations used
4. Steps for Building
5. Vertical Members (VMAs) (step 1)
6. Horizontal Shelving Arms (HSAs) (step 2)
7. Vertical Blocking (VB) Between Horizontal Shelving Arms (step 3)
8. Wall mounted Horizontal Shelving Arms (WMHSAs) (step 4)
9. Wall Mounted Faceplate Support (WMFPS) (step 5)
10. Faceplate 1 x 4s for Horizontal Shelving Arms (step 6)
11. Flooring for Horizontal Shelving Arms (FHSAs) (step 7)
12. Structural Strength
13. Material Costs
14. Closing Thoughts
15. Related Links

If you are in need of a means to store your wood more efficiently, I know I was. Well, what follows here is how I tackled this Issue. Which to be blunt was getting way out of hand. Let me show you what I am talking about. Photo 1 shows the wood dilemma in my shop. What a mess. Continue reading “The Shelving I built for Storing Wood”