The Cheapest and Simplest Finishing Turntable Imaginable

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2. Construction of Finishing Turntable
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Photo of Finishing Turntable
Shown in the following photo is the Finishing Turntable I configured for finishing a piece of furniture, I have been working on. It is nothing fancy, but it sure is handy. And, it was a piece of cake to put together.


The photo above shows the scrap piece of particleboard with a thin layer of plastic laminate on the top and bottom sides (24-1/2” x 19-1/2” x 3/4”) that I used for my turntable. Also, shown in the photo above are dimensional values for where I placed the turntable relative to the workbench top.

In the following photo, the dog is inserted thru the drilled 3/4” diameter hole (in the turntable) and the dog is then inserted into a dog hole on my workbench.



Construction of Finishing Turntable
Construction consisted of drawing diagonal lines across the particleboard and then drilling a 3/4” diameter hole at the intersection of the drawn diagonal lines. This approach does require a workbench with dog holes and a 3/4″ diameter dog (similar to what is shown above).

What I Like About This Turntable
Here is my list of likes regarding this turntable:

# — It is easier & faster to rotate a turntable then to grab a project (with wet finish on it) and rotate it.

# — I like the fact that the turntable has a rectangular shape, versus being circular. The four corners are handy for grabbing and rotating the turntable.

# — What with the dog, dog hole, and turntable hole all being the same diameter, it makes for a snug fit. The snug fit keeps the turntable from moving while applying the finish, yet the turntable can still be rotated easily enough.

In Closing
It is not going to win any beauty contests. However, it certainly comes in handy for applying a finishing to your project.

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