The Cheapest and Simplest Finishing Turntable Imaginable

Topics Covered
1. Photo of Finishing Turntable
2. Construction of Finishing Turntable
3. What I Like About This Turntable
4. In Closing
5. Request

Photo of Finishing Turntable
Shown in the following photo is the Finishing Turntable I configured for finishing a piece of furniture, I have been working on. It is nothing fancy, but it sure is handy. And, it was a piece of cake to put together.

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An Eclectic Collection of Finishing Notes

Topics Covered
1. Rationale Behind This Post
2. General Notes on finishing
3. Shellac Notes
4. Lacquer Notes
5. Polyurethane Notes
6. Varnish Notes
7. Gel Stain Notes
8. Dyes and Stains
9. Water-Based Finishes
10. Final Thoughts
11. Request
12. Related Links

Rationale Behind This Post
In finishing a recent project (replica of an 1810 Stand), I put together the following eclectic collection of finishing notes.
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