“With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood” Book Review

Topics Covered
1. Author
2. Book Stats
3. Chapter List
4. What Each Chapter Covers
5. Final Thoughts
6. Related Links

In reading a book, one of the first things I like to do is to learn what I can about the author. Christian Becksvoort the author of “With the Grain …” has almost fifty years of woodworking experience, according to his website. A link to Christian’s website, with additional details regarding Christian’s woodworking experience, is included at the end of this review under “Related Links.”

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Building a Garden Wheelbarrow Using Pallet Wood

Topics Covered
1. Got the Pallets Now What?
2. The Wheelbarrow Handles
3. Holes for Wheel Shaft
4. Wheelbarrow Container Bottom
5. Wheelbarrow Container Back Wall
6. Wheelbarrow Container Front Wall
7. Wheelbarrow Container Side Walls
8. Wheel Construction
9. Wheel & Wheel Shaft Assembly
10. Back Legs
11. Now Go Make Your Own

The wheelbarrow design shown here is based on a YouTube video by Steve Ramsey. The YouTube video (by Steve Ramsey) link is included in “Related Links” at the end of this post.

The wood for this project is from wood pallets. Translation, it is free. I found my wood pallets next to a dumpster at a nearby shopping strip.

Before we get started, here is a shot of the finished product.

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