Router Knob Replacement

Topics Covered
1. Problem
2. Steps Taken To Solve Problem
3. Problem Solved
4. Closing Thoughts

Recently, I went to adjust the base on my trim router and the base-adjusting knob rotated. However, the threaded shaft attached to the knob did not turn. Odds are I over tightened it.

Steps Take To Solve Problem
The photo below shows the remains of the plastic knob after removal from the metal shaft. I used the Dremel and cutoff wheel shown (in the photo below) to remove the plastic knob.



I solved this problem by replacing the “metal shaft”, which is threaded, shown in the photo above with a hex-head bolt. To remove the threaded metal shaft (shown above) I used a pair of vise grips as shown in the following photo.



Using a hole-diameter gauge and a threads gauge, I determined that a 1/4″ dia. X 3/4″ length and 20 tpi (threads per inch) hex-head bolt was required. The following two photos show the hole-diameter gauge and thread gauge.






Problem Solved
The following photo shows the new hex-head bolt, which replaces the original plastic knob. The 7/16” nut driver shown is for tightening and untightening the new hex-head bolt. Purpose of the new hex-head bolt is for securing the router base after adjusting the base up or down.



Closing Thoughts
A relatively simple fix and the new hex-head bolt only cost 11 cents plus tax. I picked it up at Home Depot.

This fix does require the 7/16” nut driver shown, but that is fine with me. For you see, the nut driver belonged to my dad who is no longer with us. So using the nut driver reminds me of my dad. And, that is a good thing.

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