How I Have Come To Terms with Router Bit & Collet Issues

Topics Covered
1. The Issue
2. Photos of Collet & Associated Parts
3. My Method for Inserting Router Bit thru Collet
4. My Method for Removing Router Bit from Collet
5. Removing Stuck Router Bit & Collet from Router
6. Summary
7. Related Links

The Issue
Regarding inserting and removing router bits from the collet for my router, well let’s just say that the router bit doesn’t slip thru the collet with ease. What follows is the method I came up with for coming to terms with this issue.

Pictured below is my DeWalt trim router (model D26670), which I will be using during this post.

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Router Knob Replacement

Topics Covered
1. Problem
2. Steps Taken To Solve Problem
3. Problem Solved
4. Closing Thoughts

Recently, I went to adjust the base on my trim router and the base-adjusting knob rotated. However, the threaded shaft attached to the knob did not turn. Odds are I over tightened it.

Steps Take To Solve Problem
The photo below shows the remains of the plastic knob after removal from the metal shaft. I used the Dremel and cutoff wheel shown (in the photo below) to remove the plastic knob.

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