Magnetic Featherboards Come In Handy When Making Zero Clearance Table Saw Throat Plates

Topics Covered
1. Blank Throat Plate
2. Blank Throat Plate Coplanar With Table Saw Top
3. Opening for Blade
4. Hold-Down Pin for Throat Plate
5. Final Thoughts Plus A Request
6. Related Links

I have always loved the heck out of my magnetic featherboards, and now I have another reason to love my magnetic featherboards. Turns out my magnetic featherboards are dang handy when making zero clearance throat plates for my table saw.

To make a zero clearance throat plate, you basically take a blank throat plate and raise the table  saw blade up thru the blank throat plate; thereby producing a zero clearance between the blade and the throat plate. Shown in the following photo is my zero clearance throat plate and blade.
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Checking for Square Cut on Chop Saw

Topics Covered
1. Checking For Flatness
2. Squaring It Up
3. Adjusting Left Fence
4. Lining Up Right Fence With Left Fence
5. Testing For a Square Cut
6. Conclusion

This post will cover adjusting your chop saw to ensure the cuts you make are square, and checking the actual cut for squareness.

The Photo below shows the tools I used. The trouble-light shown is especially useful (for me anyway). The clamps came in handy for holding the level (my straightedge) against the left fence while adjusting the right fence to be coplanar with the left fence.

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