Some Photos & a Sketch of an Old Box

Topics Covered
1. What Do We Have Here?
2. Sketch of Box
3. Photos of Box
4. Final Thoughts Regarding This Box

 What Do We Have Here?
Just a short post on an old box my wife acquired at an auction years ago. I think it is neat looking. And, I thought you might like looking at it as well.

Sketch of Box
Here is a sketch of the box, dimensions, and notes.


Photos of Box
The following are 16 photos that I took of this old box from various angles.

The front, side, and back of this box are shown in the following 3 photos.

1 2 3

The next 3 photos are shots of the lid and box interior.

4 5 6

The box latch (which I think is neat looking) is shown in the following 3 photos.

7 8 9

The box’s metal brackets and hinges are shown in the next 6 photos.

10 11 12 13 14 15

And the box joints for the box are shown in the following photo.


——————————Photo 16——————————————————————

Final Thoughts Regarding This Box
I have no idea how the box was used. And, I assume the grooves on the interior of the box were for dividers to organize the box’s contents.

How old is this box? Good question. Since slotted screw heads are used and not Phillips screw heads, I would guess the box to be of pre-1930s vintage. Phillips screw heads started being used in the 1930s. But, this doesn’t mean that slotted screw heads couldn’t have been used after 1930 to build this box.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this box as much as I did. The latch is what appealed to me the most. It is just neat looking to me. And, the hinges, I like the hinges as well.

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