Some Photos & a Sketch of an Old Box

Topics Covered
1. What Do We Have Here?
2. Sketch of Box
3. Photos of Box
4. Final Thoughts Regarding This Box

 What Do We Have Here?
Just a short post on an old box my wife acquired at an auction years ago. I think it is neat looking. And, I thought you might like looking at it as well.

Sketch of Box
Here is a sketch of the box, dimensions, and notes.
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How to Keep From Overtightening Your Table Saw Arbor Nut

Topics Covered
1. Blade Tightening Procedure
2. Is That Tight Enough
3. Dado Blade Set Tightening Procedure
4. RH versus LH Threads
5. Arbor Shaft, Flanges, & Arbor Nut
6. Conclusion

 If you over tighten your table saw arbor nut, you run the risk of damaging your blade and/or arbor shaft threads. This possible problem, with a simple solution, is addressed in the following post.

 I use the two wrenches (shown below) that came with my table saw to tighten (and also remove) my saw blades.
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