Tear-out, Splintering, & Broken Teeth on Chop Saw Blade

If you make a cut with your chop saw and the cut on the board is splintery, like the cut in the following Photo; then you might have the same problem I had.



Regarding the board splinters, I thought well maybe I need a blade with a higher teeth count. So, I removed the blade and counted the number of teeth on the blade I was currently using. I counted 40 teeth; however while counting teeth, I noticed that I also had several broken teeth (5 to be exact). A close-up of two of the broken teeth is shown in the following Photo.

2 - Broken Teeth
I replaced the blade with another 40 tooth blade that I just happened to have. This replacement blade was in much better shape, no broken teeth. My replacement blade is shown in the Photo below.



Took it for a spin, and the splinter problem had disappeared. That’s the cut in the Photo below with the replacement blade.



Well, now that the splintering problem has been solved; what caused the teeth to break would be a legitimate question. It’s time for me to come clean. To be blunt, this blade has not been treated kindly. By that I mean it has cut thru 16 penny nails on more than one occasion in the past. Prior to my current Hitachi chop saw I owned a Delta chop saw which the blade with broken teeth was installed on.

So, I would attribute the broken teeth to having cut thru one too many 16 penny nail.

Since retiring this blade, I have used it for cutting wood that contains nails (mainly brad type nails). I put my eye protection on and cut away. Having a junk blade in my shop has come in handy. Glad I did not throw it away.

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