Band Saw Blade Tension Problem

Topics Covered
1. Problem
2. Troubleshooting
3. Called the Company
4. Blade Tension Mechanism
5. Final Thoughts

Recently I bought a new blade for my band saw. I went to put tension on the new blade, but couldn’t get the blade to tense up. To be blunt, I was sent a blade with the wrong blade length. My 12” Craftsman band saw requires an 80” length band saw blade; however, I was shipped an 82” length band saw blade.

Following photo shows the new blade installed.
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Modification to Band Saw Belt Guard

Topics Covered
1. The Blade Stopped
2. There Must Be A Better Way
3. My Solution
4. Final Thoughts

The Blade Stopped
In using my band saw to cut a piece of wood, the blade stopped. Turned out, the Allen screw on the pulley (concealed by the belt guard) had loosened and the pulley was slipping. A close-up of the pulley and Allen screw is shown in the following photo (the Allen screw has been re-tightened in this photo).
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Miniature Dresser

Topics Covered
1. Dimensions
2. Photos
3. What is it?
4. How Old is This Dresser?
5. Final Thoughts

I was originally planning to label this-post: “Dresser — Salesman Sample”. But, after reading up on “Salesman Samples,” I do not think it is a salesman sample. But before getting into what it is or is not, here is a Photo of the miniature dresser.
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