Review of Shop Striking Knife by Veritas

I recently purchased a Shop Striking Knife from Veritas. That’s it in the following Photo.

My thoughts regarding the Veritas Shop Striking Knife:
1 — The blade guard besides protecting the blade is handy for hanging the knife (as shown above). It’s nice not to have to fabricate a blade guard.
2 — I find the handle comfortable holding while marking lines. The slimness of the blade, which has a spear-point, simplifies striking lines in tight quarters (e.g. Dovetail Joints).
3 — It’s affordable, only $9.95 (as of 11-Jan-2013).  I purchased mind online using the following link:

Veritas® Workshop Striking Knife – Lee Valley Tools

Dimensions for the knife are shown in the following two Photos.


The blade is A2 tool-steel. Regarding blade dimensions, the blade is  less than 1/32” thick and blade width is 5/16”.

The following two Photos show a line cut using the Veritas marking knife. The line shown was cut by running the marking knife three times across the wood. I used my 6” combination square to guide the knife blade.


The 2nd Photo (shown below) is a close-up of the line cut and shown in the above Photo.



The following video shows the Veritas knife being used with my 6” combination square.  It’s a brief video (66 seconds).

Veritas Marking Knife – YouTube

Closing Thoughts
I have only had this knife for a short time, but so far I am pleased. I have enjoyed using it and looking forward to continuing to use it.


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