Chop Saw Blade Change-Out

Topics Covered
1) Five Step Blade Change-Out Process
2) Why the Arbor Bolt Uses Left-handed Threads

Changing out a chop saw blade is a simple process.  The main thing you have to remember is that the arbor bolt for the blade has left-hand threads. I will explain later in this post the rationale for why left-hand threads are used.

Five Step Blade Change-Out Process
1) Lock blade guard in upper position
2) Swing spindle cover clear of arbor bolt
3) Engage spindle lock
4) Remove arbor bolt
5) Change-out blade

Pictured below is my Hitachi chop saw that I am going to use for expanding on the above blade change-out process.

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Building A Simple Box From One Board

I do not know about you, but it seems I am always in need of a box to put stuff in while working on a project.  Have yet to build a box that ended up sitting empty.  It seems my shop cannot stand an empty box.

This is a relatively quick & simple utility box to build.  I like the fact that I can take a single 6ft – 1 x 6, make six crosscuts, and have the required five boards that I need for my box.  I also make two additional crosscuts for temporary spacer boards.  So after eight crosscuts I am ready to build my box.

I started by cutting the two long side boards & bottom board.  Note that all three of these boards will be the same length (11-1/2″ lengths for this project).  I measured and marked the first board for cutting with my Mitre Saw.  To mark the wood, I used my utility knife & a 12″ combination square.

After cutting the 1st 11-1/2″ length board, I used the stop block setup shown in the Photo below, to cut the other two 11-1/2″ length boards.  I used the stop block setup shown since cutting identical lengths is critical in order to insure that all corners are square.
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