My 1″ x 30″ Belt Sander

Topics Covered
    1. I Was Wrong
    2. What I Have Used It For
    3. Belt Grit Options
    4. Abrasive Sanding Stick
    5. Final Thoughts

I Was Wrong
Pictured below is my 1″ x 30″ Belt Sander.  This Belt Sander was given to me by my good friend Terry (Thanks Terry).  At the time I didn’t think I would use it much.  Boy was I wrong.


The Belt Sander pictured above is made by Central Machinery.  The model number is S-3748.  It is a noisy little beast, but I love it.  It’s relatively light & compact, and therefore easy to move around in my shop.

What I Have Used It For
Like I said above, I didn’t think I would use it much.  But so far, I have used it to:

  • Put points on nails (For awl type usage)
  • Shave metal bolt head sides (To fit inside T-channels)
  • Modify tenon lengths
  • Works great on end grain
  • For tapering drawbore pins
  • Used to modify my Band Saw housing cover
  • Sharpen lawn mower blades
  • And for just all around sanding duties

​Might add that knife makers & knife sharpeners like using the 1 x 30 Belt Sander.

Belt Grit Options
I Typically buy 1 x 30 sander belts from Sears.  I usually buy the 3 belt pack for around $5.  The grits in the three belt pack are 40, 80, and 120.

I use the 40 grit for fast but rough sanding.  The 80 grit is an intermediate step between rough and finish type sanding The 120 grit I use for finish type sanding.  If your so inclined, higher grits are available online.  But Sears is convenient, so I use what is available there.

To be honest with you, I typically just use the belt currently on my Belt Sander.  However, if the situation calls for a rougher or finder grit then I change the belt to matchup with my current sanding task.

Goggling for what is available online, I found the following:

Abrasive Sanding Stick
To extend the life of the sanding belts, I use an abrasive sanding stick on a regular basis.  I have a Post on the Abrasive Sanding Stick at the following link:     Belt and Disk Sandpaper Cleaning Bar

Final Thoughts
A 1″ x 30″ Belt Sander is a power tool that you buy with a rough idea of what you will use it for.  Then after buying it, you find many other uses for it.  Uses that you never thought of before.

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