Untwisting Twisted 4X4 Columns

While adding on to my workshop with an 8′ x 16′ addition, based on barn-pole construction. I installed pressure treated 4 x 4′s for the columns. When it came time to install the 2 x 4 top plate, the 4 x 4′s had twisted in the interim. Now my top plates and columns were not lining up.

In trying to get the alignment issue resolved, I used a 6″ “C” clamp. It was a struggle to get the clamp tighten sufficiently, to get the wood members reasonably aligned with one another. However the 6″ “C” clamp suddenly broke in two.

I felt that I needed a more massive “C” clamp. So, I went down to the local Sears store and bought two 8″ “C” clamps.

The 8″ “C” clamps aligned the wood members with no strain whatsoever.

Note To Self — If it appears that an abnormal amount of force is needed to clamp your work, then you probably would be well advised to use a bigger “C” clamp.

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