Table Saw Push Sticks & Push Shoes

The Photo below, shows the three Push Devices, currently in my workshop.

The Push Stick on the left in the Photo above, I built shortly after buying my 1st Table Saw, a bench top type model. The Instruction Booklet, that came with the saw, gave instructions for building this Push Stick.

I do not use this Push Stick anymore, out of concerns about the board being ripped, being lifted up by the saw blade. I would strongly recommend that you not use a Push stick, use a Push Shoe instead. The only reason I still have this Push Stick, is because it was the 1st Push device I made. I still have it, merely for sentimental reasons.

The Push Shoe in the center in the above Photo, was made out of 3/4″ thick plywood. This Shoe was dimensioned, as shown in the Sketch below. I generally use this Shoe, when the distance between the fence and blade is approximately 4″ or less. Its not the most stable Shoe (due to its narrow width & height), in the world, but I have had no problem using it. The three rounded corners, are rounded to approximately 1.50″ radii.

The Push Shoe on the right in the Photo above, was fabricated out of 2 x 6 pine and dimensioned as shown in the Sketch below. I generally use this shoe, when the distance between the fence and blade is over 4″. The handle design shown has worked out well. The sole of the shoe has 120 grit sandpaper glued to it, this makes for a firm grip between the shoe and board being ripped. This sole is very stable (thanks to the 2.25″ wide shoe sole) and is my favorite one, of the three shown.

The width of the handle is 1-3/8″, and the radii for the rounded corners on the handle are 7/16″.

A 7/16″ thick piece of plywood is attached to the heel of the shoe, with a 2″ length drywall screw. This plywood piece, is the 7/16″ x 1-7/8″ dimensioned wood member shown on the Sketch. The plywood extends 9/16″ below the sole of the shoe, and therefore will easily push any board being ripped, that is greater than 9/16″ in thickness.

In closing, do yourself a favor, and do not use a Push Stick, use a Push Shoe instead.

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