Steel Tape + Speed Square = Square-N-Tape

If your doing framing type work, then the following tape on steroids will come in handy.

It’s a 25 ft steel tape that comes with what’s called a Square-N-Tape attachment, or you can buy just the Square-N-Tape attachment and fasten it to your own 25 ft steel tape. So what in the world is a Square-N-Tape attachment, well for starters here’s a Photo.

The Square-N-Tape attachment is shown on the left side in the Photo above, and the Square-N-Tape attached to a steel tape is shown on the right side.

The Square-N-Tape attachment takes the place of a speed square. So inside of having to drag around a steel tape and a speed square, all you need is your Square-N-Tape attached to your steel tape. The Square-N-Tape enables you to draw a line across your 2 x 4 at a right angle to the edge of the 2 x 4. In a nutshell, your speed square function is permanently attached to your steel tape. No more wondering, where in hades is my speed square.

Another nice feature regarding the Square-N-Tape is that you have two buying options:

  1. You can buy the Square-N-Tape attachment only and attach to your own 25 ft steel tape. Cost is around $6.
  2. Or you can buy the Square-N-Tape already permanently attached to Fastcap’s PS 25, a 25 ft steel tape. Cost for this route is around $15.

Regarding the two options above, I like the 2nd option. By buying the Square-N-Tape attached to the Fastcap PS 25 steel tape, you also get a pencil sharpener, which is built into the steel tape housing. The pencil sharpener gives you a nice sharp pencil point, see Photos below.

Also the Square-N-Tape is more than just a speed square attached to your steel tape, check out the following site regarding a total of eight features incorporated into the Square-N-Tape, plus video demonstrations, and pricing.

Square ‘n Tape – FastCap – Woodworking Tools

For framing type work the Square-N-Tape has a lot going for it. I would have loved to have had it, when I was framing my workshop addition.

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