Magnetic Featherboard

I love my Magnetic Featherboard. It’s made by Rigid, & when I saw it at Home Depot, I bought it. I pretty much use it anytime I go to rip a board on my Table Saw.

The 2 magnets are very strong, and I have never had a problem with the Magnetic Featherboard moving once its locked in place.

I position the Magnetic Featherboard relative to the Table Saw blade, as shown in Photo above.

Figure 1

Notes for Figure 1:
1. Table Saw top
2. Board being Ripped
3. Table Saw Blade
4. Magnetic Featherboard
5. Approximately 1/8″
6. For this distance, I have seen numbers ranging from 1/8″ to around 1″. Old School
likes the 1/8″ dimension, less exposed for possibly cutting you. New School likes the
1″ neighborhood dimension, thinking being that a higher exposed blade will push down
more on the board being ripped, thereby resulting in less kickback. The higher
exposed blade will also result in fewer blade teeth being in the board at any given time,
and thereby less strain on the Table Saw motor.

Personally, I do not like cutting with a lot of exposed blade, so I tend to expose the blade 1/8″ to 1/4″ above the board being ripped, as a rule of thumb. However, if the strain on the motor or kickback, is an issue because of the wood I am working with, then I will increase the exposed blade height to around 1″. A case of choose your poison.

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