Fix for a Table with Wobbly Legs

My wife Cathy came home with a table she bought at an auction. Her plan is to refinish the table & then put it in her booth at an Antique store, for resale. The legs on the table were wobbly and that’s how I came to make my cameo appearance in this picture. Cathy asked if I could look at the legs and do something to tighten the legs.

An overall photo of the table upside down is shown in the photo below.

Luckily the legs & rails were not mortised and tenoned together. Do not get me wrong, I love mortise & tenon joinery. It’s a very strong joint. However, for this table the legs and rails were fastened together with rusty metal brackets and screws (Also rusty). A closeup of one of the leg, rail, and bracket assemblies is shown in the following photo.

Fixing the wobbly legs was a simple fix, I just put an open end wrench over the square nut shown in the photo above and tightened the nut. The nut and threaded rod were welded together with rust. So turning the nut also threaded the threaded rod further into the leg. That seems like a good thing to me. The threaded rod was basically a headless screw.

The above wrench turning exercise, tightened the leg & rails up to one another firmly.
I figure what with the nut being welded to the threaded rod with rust, shouldn’t have to worry about the nut working loose. And the threaded rod being screwed further into the leg should also help in keeping the leg, rail, and bracket assembly firmly together. How long, time will tell.

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