Belt and Disk Sandpaper Cleaning Bar

If your belt & disk sanders are dear friends in the workshop, but you do not use a sandpaper cleaning bar. Then you really should consider getting one. It will take your relationship with your belt & disk sanders to a new level.

My brother Paul told me about cleaning my belt & disk sandpaper using a sandpaper cleaning bar. And I have been using a sandpaper cleaning bar ever since.

A photo of the sandpaper cleaning bar I use is shown in the Photo below. Cost for the bar (12″ x 2″ x 2″) shown in the Photo below is around $11. It reminds me of the eraser bars I used to use in school for drafting, except these sandpaper cleaning bars are much bigger.

To use it, just place the bar up against your rotating belt or disk sander, and it quickly removes any saw dust that has built up on your sandpaper.

I bought my sandpaper cleaning bar at a Woodcraft store in Greensboro, NC. Woodcraft list it as an “abrasive belt cleaner”. The link below will take you to Woodcraft’s online site & page listing this sandpaper cleaning bar.

Search for Woodworking Supplies at

Attached below is a link to a Youtube video I did, showing the sandpaper cleaning bar being used.


Have heard of people using stiff bristle brushes, rubber hoses, rubber soled shoes, and caulking that has harden inside its’ tube (You cut the tube away and use the harden caulking). I have not tried these other than the stiff bristle brush. Personally I think the sandpaper cleaning bar works better than the brush.

The wearing down rate of the bar is very slow, I figure it’s going to last quiet a while before I have to replace it. So anyway for me, using a sandpaper cleaning bar for cleaning the sandpaper on my belt & disk sanders, is the way to go.

One last point, the lower the grit number the less the problem of saw dust building up on your sandpaper. So use the lowest grit number you can for the work your doing.

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