A Strange Teeth Pattern for a Handsaw Blade

My wife, Cathy, went to an auction over the weekend. One of the items she purchased was a box lot of handsaws. There were 14 handsaws, mainly ripping type handsaws around 22″ in length.

But there was one handsaw that was to me weird looking, regarding the teeth. I have included several photos below and would like to know more about this handsaw. I am hoping that someone knows more about this handsaw and will send me a comment reply.
The Photo below is an overall view of the Handsaw.

The Photo below zooms in on the heel of the saw blade and shows what I find weird above this saw. Counting to the third tooth from the heel of the saw, you’ll see the tooth (along with other similar teeth every third tooth), that I find strange looking. I do not see how such flimsy type teeth could saw wood without being broke off of the saw.

The Photo below shows the other side of the saw handle.

Characteristics of this saw are as follows:

  1. Blade is 22″ in length
  2. Six conventional rip saw teeth (Eight if you count the teeth, I refer to as strange looking)
  3. The tooth type that I refer to as strange looking is dimensioned as follows: 5/32″ x 3/64″ x 2/64″
  4. The medallion above, the bottom saw nut on the handle in the Photo above, has the inscription “WARRANTED SUPERIOR” around the perimeter of the medallion and a picture of an eagle in the center of the medallion.
  5. Manufacturer unkown

In closing, I am puzzled as to what this saw was used for and would be most grateful to get comments from anyone who can provide information on this saw.

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