Some of the Woodworking Sites That I Frequent

The following is a list of some of the woodworking sites that I frequent.

I like to visit this site for the “Society of American Period Furniture Makers”. I like to check the “e-Interviews”, I find them interesting.
Society of American Period Furniture Makers

This site, “Tools for Working Wood”, sells woodworking hand tools, articles on woodworking tools, & a blog on woodworking tools. I bought a pair of holdfasts at this site for around $32, and they work perfectly at holding wood members against my workbench.
Tools for Working Wood: Welcome

WK Fine Tools, is a site hosting woodworking & related articles, by multiple authors. Well worh visiting.
Traditional Woodworking Tools Internet Magazine –

The Woodwright’s Shop with Roy Underhill, I like being able to watch the Roy Underhill PBS episodes online. The site also has other woodworking info, some plans, & a list of woodworking type resources.
Woodwright’s Shop with Roy UnderHill | PBS

“The Superior Works: Patrick’s Blood & Gore Beginning of the Saga”, is a good site covering Stanley Planes. Patrick is a self-confessed tool fanatic, with a sense of humor, whose site covers “the good, the bad, and the ugly” regarding Stanley Planes. There is a lot of good data at this site, check it out.
The Superior Works

This site, “Mid-West Tool Collectors Association”, covers old tools in general. My interest is in old woodworking tools, which I have been able to pickup at meetings held regionally thru out the United States. You have to be a member of the M-WTCA, to attend the meetings or be the guest of a member. Information on joining is available at the web site below.
mwtca home page

Vintage Saws, is a site that sells vintage Disston Hand Saws. this site also includes how-to articles regarding Hand Saws, and history of Disston saws.
Welcome to the Vintage Saws!

Ron Hock’s site, sells blades for hand planes & also kits for making your own wooden hand planes. Ron’s site also provides information on how to sharpen blades.
HOCK TOOLS — Blades and Such for Planes and More

Tremont Nail Company has been in business since 1819. Tremont sells, steel cut nails for those who want to achieve an antique look for their furniture projects.
Welcome to Tremont Nail Company – Steel Cut Nails for Authentic Restoration Projects and Remodeling

The “ST. James Bay Tool Co.” site, sells Stanley reproduction replacement parts for Stanley tools. They also make & sell both complete hand planes & also hand plane kits.
Welcome to St. James Bay Tool Co.

The Rex Mills Tool Works Site, basically covers the refurbishing of hand planes. Rex also has an extensive pictorial type study of Stanley bench planes. A lot of good information at this site, definitely worth visiting.

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