Some Minor Maintenance On My Miter Saw

My Chop saw in the photo below, has been a reliable Miter saw. However, the other day when I went to rotate the turntable for an angled cut, it was somewhat stiff to rotate the turntable & it sounded like the turntable was moving across a bed of sand.

The two green table inserts shown above, were removed as shown in photo below. The space below the green table inserts, revealed no moving parts associated with the turntable, nor any moving parts period. Therefore, this area is not the culprit.

The photo below shows the Chop saw bottom side. You can see some saw dust present, although not a huge amount. Used compressed air to blow out the saw dust present.

Turned the Chop saw back over & tested turning the turntable, but no noticeable change, still somewhat stiff to rotate the turntable & it still sounded like the turntable was moving across a bed of sand. Curses foiled again.

The next thing I tried was WD-40, along the line where the turntable & stationary table meet. The region where I applied WD-40, is shown in the photo below.

I sprayed WD-40 between the two roofing nails (reddish orange tops) along the intersection of the two surfaces shown above, pointed to by the pencil. After spraying WD-40, wipe off any excess WD-40.

Problem solved, turntable was no longer somewhat stiff to rotate & the turntable no longer sounded like it was moving across a bed of sand.

Now back to the workshop 8 ft x 16 ft addition, hope to install at least roofing paper next weekend.

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