Sketchup — How to Copy an Object

Instead of having to redraw multiple furniture parts which are identical, the Sketchup Copy command is the way to go.

The Copy command consists of the following three step process:

  1. Select (Hit the Space Bar), left click the left mouse button, and drag a box around object your selecting to be subsequently copied.
  2. Hit Ctrl + C, then click left mouse button, and drag a box around object to be copied. Right now your probably thinking, surely I do not have to repeat dragging a box around the object to be copied. Sorry, but you do.
  3. Hit Ctrl + V, copy of object appears on screen when you move the mouse. You move the mouse to where you want the copied object placed, and click the left mouse button. That’s it.

The Sketch below depicts a Rectangle (Rectangle #1) that has been copied.

Final Thoughts
The Copy command is another handy Sketchup command. With the potential to save you time, when your sketching up your latest masterpiece.

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