Rounding a Corner to a Specified Radius

This will be a relatively short post, explaining how to round a corner to a specified radius. Assume we want to round a corner to a 2″ radius.

The Sketch below shows a rectangular shaped piece of wood, with the upper left corner being rounded to a 2″ radius.

Notes & Explanation of Sketch above:

  1. Note #1, flags the rectangular shaped piece of wood whose upper left corner is being rounded to a 2″ radius.
  2. The cross hatched area is the wood being removed.
  3. Using the radius dimension (2″ in this case), two 2″ dimensions are marked as shown in the Sketch above.
  4. Note #2, points to the intersection of the two lines shown, and this intersection will be the point used for swinging a 2″ radius (as shown) with a compass.
  5. Note #3, angle between the two lines shown is 90 degrees. A combination square works nicely for drawing the line that’s at a 90 degree angle to the edge of the rectangular shaped piece of wood.

In closing, I have always found this method easy to use and easy to visualize how it works.

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