Review of “Cabriole Legs Simplified” DVD by Charles Bender

If you want to build reproductions of 18th century furniture, then you will need to know how to make Cabriole legs, for chairs and tables.

To help those of us with such aspirations, Charles Bender has recently introduced a DVD titled “Cabriole Legs Simplified”. The DVD is 51 minutes in length. besides the 51 minute DVD, the CD also includes two pdf files.

The two pdf files included on the DVD:

  1. Bender_Cabriole_Leg.pdf This file consists of a dimensioned drawing of a Cabriole leg. The drawing gives the key dimensions except for the dimension between the knee and foot. By leaving out the dimension between the knee and foot, as I see it, you fill in this dimension as applicable for the Cabriole leg your making.
  2. Bender_Tool_List.pdf Here Charles Bender lists the tools he used for making the Cabriole leg in this DVD.

Regarding what the DVD covers, the following is a brief outline of the subject matter covered by Charles Bender:

  1. A short history of cabriole legs with emphasis on the different styles of feet that have been used with cabriole legs.
  2. With pencil and 6″ combination square, Charles Bender shows you how he goes about laying out a pattern for a cabriole leg. He also shows how to freehand sketch the shorter curve sections, and also how to go about drawing the longer curve between the ankle and knee.
  3. Mr. Bender with pencil and 6″ combination square, also shows how he goes about dimensioning the foot, ankle, knee, and knee block.
  4. Recommendations are given for what type of material to draw your cabriole leg pattern on.
  5. Slipper, Trifid, and Ball & Claw feet examples are shown briefly. Mr. Bender for this DVD, shows the making of a Cabriole leg with a Pad type foot.
  6. The DVD shows the pattern being cut out on the Band Saw. Next a spokeshave is shown being used to remove rough areas left by the Band Saw on the pattern.
  7. Regarding the block of wood that you will be using to make your cabriole leg, Mr. Bender shows the correct way to orient your cabriole leg pattern on your block of wood relative to grain direction.
  8. Charles Bender uses a wood lathe to shape a pad type foot. He methodically shows the turning of the foot. It was informative to see what turning tools he used, and his techniques for using the turning tools.
  9. How to use chisels for rough shaping the leg is illustrated. Mr. Bender then demonstrates using files, rasps, and spokeshaves to accomplish the finish shaping of the cabriole leg.

I found the DVD to be informative. The pointers given regarding the use of chisels for rough shaping the cabriole leg, I especially liked. It was also educational watching Mr. Bender show how to go about laying out the dimensions, and the shaping of the cabriole leg with pencil on his pattern. Would I buy the DVD, if I had it to do over again, yes without any hesitation whatsoever.

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