Nice Marking Knife

I saw my brother Paul using this knife (Photo Below) several months ago, when I & my wife Cathy were visiting family in North Carolina. I am always amazed at the things Paul comes across, some neat stuff (I think).

So, I asked Paul where did you get that knife. Paul said from Gerber. Fast forward to Christmas morning, and Paul has sent me a Gerber pocket knife for Christmas, thanks Paul.

Gerber E.A.B. Pocket Knife
For wood stock 3/4″ or less in thickness, it makes for a nice marking knife.
Here’s what I like about it:

  1. It goes for around $17.
  2. Utilizes a replaceable Utility blade, when blade dulls, just replace it. However if you’re a tightwad (like me), you can resharpen the blade when it becomes dull. Using a sharpening stone, around five strokes for each side of the blade, across the sharpening stone. This sharpening technique, generally works for me.
  3. Stainless Steel body
  4. Compact size, when folded its dimensions are approx. 2-7/8″ length x 1″ width x 1/4″ thickness, fits nicely in pants pocket.
  5. Replacement Utility blades are readily available. Stanley’s replacement blade number for this knife is 11-931, and available in packs of 5 blades for $3 or packs of 100 blades for $12, at Home Depot.

Line Cut by Gerber Knife

The Photo above shows the Gerber knife in use, marking a line on wood. Line was cut with the Gerber knife along with a 6″ length Combination Square. Three light passes were made by the knife on the wood, you get much better control of line being marked, by making several light cuts.

I have also found this knife handy for the following:

  • For cutting up boxes to fit in the family garbage can.
  • Cutting fiberglass batt insulation.
  • For cutting the plastic wrapping from merchandise.
  • Good for cutting the sheathing from Romex wiring.
  • Have used it to freehand a line, for rough cutting wood.

In short, this knife has proved to be very handy. I never go out to my shop without it.

Link for Gerber knife:
Gerber EAB Pocket Knife 22-41830 For Sale > Gerber Knives Direct

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