My Modified Post Hole Digger

I realize this may not be considered relevant as a woodworking post, and I debated posting it. But I rationalized that if you are for example, building or adding onto a workshop, that you might also find value in this post topic. Assuming a pole barn construction method is being used.

The photo above shows the post hole digger, that I modified for digging holes up to approximately 36″ deep (without having to expand the hole opening) for installing 4×4 posts.

I extended the length of the post hole digger blades, by fastening the blade of a drain spade to each original post hole digger blade.

The photo above shows the bolts layout for fastening the new drain spade blades to existing post hole digger blades. Each existing post hole digger blade is attached to new drain spade blade with four 1/4″ diameter bolts (also 2 flat washers, 1 split lock washer, & 1 matching nut — per bolt).

The overall blade length (existing & new blade) is 21″.
I have been very pleased with the performance of this modified post hole digger. I have used it on around 20 holes (36″ deep holes) to date, without any problems.

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