Miter Saw and Back Saw, Team Up To Make A Cut

Over the weekend, while cutting trim board angles, my Miter Saw because of the angle on the cut, did not cut all the way thru my 1 x 6 trim board, as shown in the photo below.

To complete the cut, I did as follows:

  1. Placed a scrap piece of 2 x 6 on my Holtzapffel workbench
  2. Placed the board, I needed to complete the cut on, on top of the 2 x 6
  3. Fastened the board to be cut, plus the scrap 2 x 6, down with a Holdfast, thru a dog hole on my workbench top.
  4. completed the cut with a Back Saw, shown in Photo above.

After completing the cut with the Back Saw, the section cut with the Back Saw, was not coplanar with the section cut by the Miter Saw, as shown by the Photo below.

The section cut by the Back Saw, is the triangular section just below the four diagonally positioned dots, shown in the Photo above. To make the triangular section, coplanar with the cut done by the Miter Saw, I used a Paring Chisel to shave off the excess wood.

In closing, I have found this combination of Miter Saw, Back Saw, & Paring Chisel, to work well together, where the Miter Saw could not make the entire cut by itself.

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