Inside The Anarchist’s Tool Chest DVD Review

Just received and watched “Inside the Anarchist’s Tool Chest” DVD by Chris Schwarz.
Chris starts out by saying he will be going over 48 or 50 hand tools, in his tool chest, and discussing what brand/s he likes. In some cases, Chris gives brand options, and sometimes mentions problems he has with other brands (Names withheld to protect the accused).

The general hand tool categories covered, are as follows:

  1. Handplanes
  2. Marking & Measuring Tools
  3. Striking & Fastening Tools (I especially like the brace Chris has, I have got to get one of these, to add to my brace collection)
  4. Cutting Tools
  5. Backsaws & Panel Saws
  6. Sharpening Stones

The DVD is 60 minutes in length, and covers the following:

  • A 55 minute movie discussing the tools in the tool chest.
  • A 5 minute slide show covering the construction of the tool chest.
  • An 11 page list of the tools (In the tool chest) and also web site links for buying the tools.
  • A Sketchup drawing of the tool chest that Chris Schwarz builds in his new book “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”.

As always, Chris does a great job of presenting his subject matter in both an informative & lively manner. In my humble opinion, this DVD is definitely worth buying.

This offer can be found at the following Web Site Link:

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