Found Another Tool Collector’s Club To Join

While researching the age of a brace I picked up at an antique store, I came upon the following website: Crafts homepage

Some specifics regarding this club named CRAFTS, an acronym for “Collectors of Rare and Familiar Tools Society”, are:

  • Membership is $15 a year.
  • Their Newsletter titled “The Tool Shed” (I love that name) is published 4 times a year. Each issue is 12 to 16 pages.
  • An Annual Fall Picnic (Tailgating also takes place at this picnic).
  • Annual spring tool auction

More information regarding the newsletter, fall picnic, & annual spring auction can be found at their website, which is given at the start of this post.

They also have a book for sale which is a collection of 48 of their best articles from 1978 thru 1995. The book is titled “The Tool Shed Treasury” and is 168 pages. According to their website there are only about 60 of these books left. Price for the book is $10. I am still reading my copy that I just recently purchased. The articles in the book cover both woodworking and non-woodworking tools. Some articles I liked for the discussion of what life was like in the past. Other articles, I liked for the dating of various improvements in a given tool type over time.

So far I have found enough nuggets of knowledge in the book, to justify in my mind purchasing this book. And I am confident that I will find more nuggets of knowledge, as I continue reading this book. I find the book to be a treasure to own & read.

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