First Monday Trade Days — Canton, Texas

What in the world is Trade Days, pray tell ? In short if there’s a market for it, odds are a vendor had it and someone was looking to buy it. Besides the important stuff (you know, woodworking tools) there were Bird Houses made of license plates (looked good & well made), Glassware, Marbles, Buttons, Locks, Door Hardware, and I could go on but you get the point. Plenty of treasures for both guys & gals. It took me & Cathy approximately 10 hours to go thru and view all that was for sale at this huge Flea Market.

Under the category of woodworking tools you had items such as the following: Handplanes, Chisels, Auger Bits, Handsaws, Backsaws, Hammers, Wood & Metal Clamps, and again I could go on & on, but you get the idea.

Want to see what I got at this Flea Market ?

The Photo below shows my first purchase of day one. Its a Stanley No. 78 metal rabbet handplane. I paid $30 dollars. The handplane’s fence & depth stop are present.

The Photo below shows the six handplanes, I bought during our two days at Trade Days.

  1. Top Center — Wood Molding Plane, wedge & blade are missing (another restoration project). But I do not care, it was only $3 dollars.
  2. Top Left — Stanley #5 Metal Handplane, front knob is missing. Believe I got this one for, for $5 dollars. Plan is to restore it, and put it to use.
  3. Top Right — Bailey Transitional Handplane, 15″ length. This one is in decent shape. Paid $15 dollars for this one.
  4. Center — This is the Stanley #78 Rabbet Handplane that I also show in the Photo above.
  5. Bottom Left — This is a 8-5/8″ length metal handplane (no name). This one is missing the blade & chip breaker. It only cost $3.75 dollars. I figure if nothing else, I can cannibalize it for parts.
  6. Bottom Right — The last one here is a “Wards Master” #4 (9″ length). This one is in decent shape. Paid $7 dollars for it.

The Photo below shows eight miscellaneous items that I bought. Not much needs to be said about these 8 items (its obvious what they are), except for the item on the right side of the Photo which has a small rope attached to the top of it. Old time wood windows would have two of these weights. One concealed on each side of the window to assist in opening & closing the window. My plan is to hang this on the outside of my workshop as a conversation piece.

The Photo below shows Clamps, a Coping Saw, and a Froe blade that’s missing a handle (plan to make a handle for it).

The Photo below shows two metal clamps, and two hammers.

The “F” type clamp on the left side looks ancient & neat to me. However, the threaded rod is frozen with corrosion. I hope to be able to restore it back to working order.

The claw hammer was only a $1 dollar, so I grabbed it. The hammer on the right was also only a $1 dollar, so I grabbed it also.

The Photo below shows a Chalkboard, and two good size Backsaws that I picked up.

I’ve been wanting a chalkboard for my shop, for sketching & writing notes.

The Backsaw just below the Chalkboard was only $4 dollars. I felt this was a good deal, so I bought it. The Backsaw blade is 18-1/4″ x 3-3/8″, and the teeth are rip cut type teeth. Its rusty, but with some cleaning & sharpening, I think this saw will make for a good work saw.

The Backsaw at the bottom was only $6 dollars. I thought that a really good deal, so I bought it. The Backsaw blade is 26-1/4″ x 5″, and the teeth are rip cut type teeth. Its rusty also,but with some cleaning & sharpening, I think this saw will also make for a good work saw.

Below are three Photos that I took, that you might find of interest, and then again maybe not.

In reminiscing over our trip to Canton, Texas, my four most treasured finds were:

  1. Stanley No. 78 rabbet handplane
  2. Froe blade
  3. The two Backsaws
  4. The ancient looking “F” type metal clamp

It was a good trip, and I look forward to doing it again.

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