Additional Images of Workshop Addition Construction

Here are some additional photos that I mentioned posting, during my last post.

The photo above shows the six, 4 x 4 pressure treated wood columns installed.

If you look at the 4 x 4 column on the right side of the photo, you’ll see a board on the left side of the 4 x 4 column, I used this board to keep the 4 x 4 column plumb during installation. Used this plumbing technique for all three 4 x 4 columns, up against existing wall.

The two 2 x 6′s on the ground, overlapped and nailed together, I used to clamp to the three outside wall 4 x 4 columns, in order to insure they are in-line with one another.

This photo shows the perimeter joists constructed between the six, 4 x 4 columns. The perimeter joists were built using two 2 x 6′s with 1/2″ plywood sandwiched in between the two 2 x 6′s. Both the 2 x 6′s and plywood for the perimeter joists, are pressure treated. You can also see the nine concrete pillars, for stiffening the floor joist assembly.

I apologize for lack of clarity in this photo, it was taken before I knew I was going to be starting a blog. The photo shows the spacing of the three 4 x 4 beams. They are sandwiched between the top of the concrete pillars and the bottom sides of the 2 x 6 floor joists.

Another bad photo, same sorry excuse as given for other bad photo, I apologize. Wanted to include this photo, since it does show extra 2 x 6′s around the interior of the perimeter floor joists. I installed these extra 2 x 6′s in order to provide support for the plywood flooring edges which are butted up next to perimeter joists.

In regards to the photos posted in this post, I must confess that my motto regarding bldg construction, is that anything worth doing, is worth over doing. As an example, I showed our structural engineer at work, a photo of the nine concrete pillars, and he said he would not have installed any concrete pillars or 4 x 4 beams, but just let the 2 x 6′s span the 8ft.
Now I know I am not a structural engineer, but I still like the idea of having the concrete pillars and 4 x 4 beams, underneath the 2 x 6 floor joists.

What do you think, regarding the concrete pillars and 4 x 4 beams ?

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